Ieaskul F. Mobenthey

Eurorack modules

Hay! Ieaskul F. Mobenthey modules are available as a set, including what you see above. If you want singles, please contact a fine modular vendor in your neighborhood.

Hay! the IGM keyboard includes Mister Grassi.

grassi manual

mocante manual

dunst manual

fourses manual

denum manual

swoop manual

sprott manual

barre controller


With the downfall of the recording industry, why doesn't music go away? Do we still need performers in an age of the media robotic sensorium that performs our deepest needs? With all the simulacra of musical interactions, there still remains the fundamental human relationship to tone, that is felt listening to a vinyl record, fondling the manuals of a lead and wood pipe organ, and of course, patching esoteric electronics. What is tone? Of course there is the sense of timbre in fine orchestral instruments, but electronics expand the meaning to sounds in general, and through modulations, sources of chaos. Ieaskul is interested in chaos due to his large, pricked ear; he perceives quiet, everyday noises as messages about the space he inhabits, like a how a cat pricks her ear at the slightest mouse whisker-brush. Ieaskul has a few quickpoints about synths:

There's been talk about sexism in eurorack. European males? Ieaskul thinks: Inputs and outputs visually fascinate the testosterone brain. Plug and jack, banana cord... Ieaskul put balls into the analog circuits. "toys for boys and tomboys" Tamirisa points out the presence of women through their bodies. Why are control voltages only positive? Isn't positive just negative space, because it counts electron holes? What about negative control voltages and their associated electrons, the point-source womb of modulation?

Ieaskul's analog ball metaphor: bounds and bounce alternatives for the two main modules: oscillator and filter. or better said, triangular mechanism and wave integrator. Negative control voltages are treated with equal respect to positive voltages, and sometimes they do different things.

"We don't believe in sequencers." But the cool thing about Eurorack is that all philosophies of synthesis are well represented; sequences, beats, lunetta logics all can coexist, and these modules are to integrate into your existing setup. Eurorack is dying? Ieaskul thinks not. Ieaskul's motif is "through ultrasound, decay", which means that his secret plan is to bring about the downfall of eurorack as we know it. using high quality, simple components to achieve unexpected results.

Why analog? that question can answer itself: that the process of analogizing is an end to itself, in constructing an analog there is a process of analysis and understanding of modular concepts that combine to make a whole phenomenon. but there are other answers to the question, that in analog it is possible to put out paradoxical or indeterminate states that a digital computer may be too decidey to accurately flavor in...


Can be purchased here or at Control, Analogue Haven, or other fine synth stores.