PHILOSOPHICAL PAPERZ (crescence : goals)
1) This of Don Desegno
2) Sorry, Fwyrall Paperz
3) Fourses Paperz

machine-stuff : nasna : flow constricters, membranes, magic tricks. for example, the curvy transfer of energy across the two barriers in a transistor---

   change in voltage potential between two fields 
          change in flow in two other fields

these happen simultaneously like a dove appearing from a hat, not due to the dove or the dude with the hat, but the alignment, the same-time of it all. events don't cause other events in the raw machine stuff; they can't because who's in charge of the first event? But raw it's not really fun, you wanna connect the machine-stuff together in an assemblage, aaji. Many ways to describe the aaji. The communication theory of 1964:

                         [noise source]

The knowledge is the source and it answers the inquiry which has nothing. The noise source, the chaos of the world, is to be tuned out. The channel attempts to be a specific place in time, a measured frequency 65 megahertz, and the chaos is the infinite frequencies in between the measurements. This is a chain of command, one way of perceiving an assemblage of machine-stuff.

If you start not from "knowledge", but at instead at any random and humble point within the aaji, you will see more than just arrows pointing in and out, but directionless flows, the stuff of simultaneity. No matter how hard you try, you cannot make an assemblage into male (only giving) or female (only receiving)... The aaji gives and receives- rives like a river. You know that rivers are thought to flow in only one direction, but you also feel the river doing other movements- winds carrying the scent of mandrake root from the south to the north, storm clouds floating inland, local eddies that you can't even see, pools filled with slow green growths and decays. The aaji speaks to itself in loops:

 8()()()()()()[noise source]()()()()()()[noise source]()()()()()()()8
 8                                                                  8
 8                                                                  8
 8                                                                  8 
 8()()()()()()[noise source]()()()()()()[noise source]()()()()()()()8

This is just one coil in one dimension selected out of many others in other dimensions, a chain, but not a chain of command. In the electronical magic trick zone, we might call the closed loop nature "feedback". A convenient name for the feedbacking assemblage is a nabra, an analog brain. No one knows if the noise sources are chaos-noise because of their own nature, or if they act that way because of their connections. We call them "banses" only out of convenience, because you can use so many different techniques to decide where one part ends and another begins. Remember that they are simultaneously affecting each other; there is no time barrier between certain parts where you can say that one outputs and "then" the other intakes.
We crescend upon our system, our nabra. But is the goal made? No one knows cuz there was no goal, no knowledge source for an empty inquiry. We started with the raw magic tricks; cascaded assemblages out of machine-stuff, bigger chunks, aaji, and then our stopping point for the moment, a nabra about 8 by 18 inches... Now we can start exploring it. It's all so much easier to understand everything that's going on when there are no inpus (labeled femal) or outpus (labeled mal): every node is androgynous, and they all come to the surface that way, as sandrodes.

All the random sandrodes
the Sandrodes are all over the ktnk, except for the spesal cuck and the F-formation. Sandrodes, androgynous nodes, are sensitive. They are sites of movement, but that movement itself is affected by what is connected. They are so sensitive that you can use your hand to blob them together and bully them around. Just press onto groups of sandrodes, causing them to talk to each other. Your hand and your body are high resistance: in you, sandrodes maintain some of their original characteristics while mixing others. If you connect two sandrodes with a piece of copper, which is very low resistance, the two sandrodes will merge together into one. This is the difference between body connections and copper connections of sandrodes.

Connecting two random sandrodes by fingerstuff,
because it rexists, melds the
sandrodes, but each still keeps
its original character

Connectin 2 random sandrodes by metal,
because it conducts, unifies them
into one new s'snake

The goal: decide on a front, decide on a back, stab and slice the stuff in between.

This is the sh'mance philosophy, a blade that cuts a sandrode, describes it as mal/femal, you know the story. The sh'mance philosophy is addictive, it is easy, it allows you to relax in your zone that you cut out:

   cigar - leather chair - horse memorabilia
   pink panties - powder puff - stereo
   brett's girl jenny - david's girl erin

these dimensions are real, we respect them, but aren't there other ones? And if we use square machines to make zones, there is always an act of cutting, deciding, and I think that might hurt people. People made the sh'mance machines, but now their system is taking over. People drive cars with no regard for free walking humans; the car and the power bubble zone inside are intoxicating, it makes you believe that you are the one with the knife, you are the one with the knifeholder status. Pedestrians may be human but I'm human-with-knife! Some machines are the center of an orbit of money and consumption- we make em not to ease human life and relieve desire, but to create more desire. Think of children crying in a toy store...

Everyone Experiment!: please feel free to make up your own way of using their rhythms. I can only tell you some of the ways I use them, although I am still figuring out my ways.
A high impedance input is best for listening to the chaotic ways within each sandrode. Low impedance means that resistively, capacitancely, inductively, and in many other ways, your probe is sucking hard on whatever its attached to. It is bullying the sandrode, and the first thing to be replaced by force are the little eddies of chaos. A guitar amp is high impedance, as are the input nodes of the “F” formation and the “spesal cuck”…

Who speaks for the kind machines? No one really; because of their self-inspired nature, they can't interface with the system of desire and money. They arise from the fun physics of materials available at hand --- in the alleyway sunburnt winos are making temporary huts out of mexican entertainment centers. We can do this with machine-stuff, nasna, circuits that don't really have any goal except to... dunno

A purpose implies a predetermined structure, the heart of the sh'mance philosophy. The nice machines start at dirt, crystals, purposeless noisy things surround us. If you want to break the stuff up into banses, like cells, they are exchanging stuff back and forth through the cell walls. You can only see cell walls with dye and a microscope and for further consolation you can say that their skin is 6 microns thick. But that's only to prove that we're partitioned, because we're scared that maybe we don't have any banses, no cells; maybe we're just a blob of jelly. It's easier to start out with your machine, noting that it's really just a blob of dirt with no purpose.

Idea for spoon-corde,
connected by alligator to speaker preamp
energy goes from sandrodes
through hand, tongue, spoon,
in and out speaker
Morr Cordes:

Is using a high-impedance input, very gentle and undemanding on the sensitive sandrodes. This is also called high-impedance preamping. The crystal transfer stations, the spesal cuck, and the ar-diperso, they all trans-observe whatever’s connected and output that somehow.

We find consolation in walls, a front and a back, an inside and outside. We "black-boxed" our machines, so we simply can't see within them and we can feel that we do not deal with the energies within, just the pretty jams without. Really though, we're always dealing with what's on both sides of the wall --- it takes infinite energy to make a wall that lets nothing thru. Our computers are always radiating microwaves, violent stabs of decii-sision at high frequency. But if we szend all the sandrodes to the surface, it's not a wall anymore, just a thruness, and instead of microwaves silently pounding us, we can gently press the machine and maybe share some energy with it. If it is sensitive enough, we might just hear it react to our energies, and we can make a human-machine assembelage, meqelequa hua.

mistre mistre... Something that can never be perfect: architecture, electronics, designing stuff that works with the physical laws. Always balancing one feature against another, always forced to be pragmatic because you know the person playing the thing will be looking for new ways to interact with it... mistre mistre... Don't avoid the sh'mance stab rhythm, because avoiding it completes a strongly arbitrary decision. There's nothing wrong with a spike of infinite energy, that's how you communicate with aliens.

Again, the control theory of 1975:

peripheral slowness <<<<<<<< central fast prain >>>>>>>>    peripheral slowness

You can appropriate the digital receptors and transmittors into your own nabra, but in a way that they do not claim ultimate control as in sh'mance law-thought. The spiky deciders are controlled by the soft flows, which may be rerouted by the spiky deciders, a loop of control that includes magic tricks in between too. When there is no central prain, no spiky decider "the maker" said is off limits, then hijacking any sandrode is alright, they're all safe to reference to others, because you know that it's just messing with one loop of the chain, and not knocking out the brain and letting the body runn around breaking things. You've created a harmony between spikes and slows.

The subject of tantalum should be on every one's minds. It is a mineral mined from beneath old apes and trees in Africa, causing environmental destruction and civil wars for only a few grams from one cave. The main use for it is in high speed microprocessors, central brains in law-thinker machines. As the concept of the central prain is cemented into our machines, we find that the only way to make them better is to make them faster, with more tantalum in a new computor. If you mix the stab deciders with the slow flows in a loop, you will find that more harmony in more chaos is the way to make your assemblage "better and more powerful". That is why we call these mistre machines jios jin-tao, meaning "digital stab deciders mixed with slow flows". The jios jin-tao need not use Tantalum, too

this is what the crystal transfer stations generate at their ice-stab output. It only pulls one way, down, but hard down. Every stab will pull a sandrode all the way down to the central pit, ground 0 0 0 v0lts… This is hard modulation, turning a sandrode off like a little dead brain cell. Fortunately they can turn themselves back on whenever the modulation is released.

qua ('kind') is the presence of a sort of feedback and self-talking that all the nodes at least indirectly affect each other; they are sandrodes. Sometimes goes inactive if not self-stimulating -- uses positive feedback to cause re-incantation, negative feedback for damping.

hua is the qua applied to people. Hua Mua is the beautiful pressure that people make. Mechanical thinking causes our hua to become "humanens electrikes mechanicales". We must use our huas to make mechanicals into mequas and the electronics into elequas, and have meqelequahua harmony of the qua...

you see, d'vises make stuff happen, but qua don't make a'nuthin happen. Human qua, hua, don't need to do anything, just have fun and talk to each other, that's where they make "good times" happen. Good times is better than stuff. We don't need mechanicals to make stuff- you can make mequa and elequa to make good-times, but no square-law-thinker makes these types because they all want their mechanicals to make stuff, countable and moneyable. It seems like we’re already havin goodtimes with our electricity, but really there's stuff bein made off of our goodtimes, cuz all the square thinkers are countin our d'vises and our electricity as fast as their d'vises can count. We can make elequa that do nothing ecept goodtimes, and no square would be interested because they can't copy goodtimes, so you don't need to copyright your goodtime elequa and then all the hua can keep making them.

E-U-Ah is understood by the square thought as "electronic fields". A better name might be electronic good-times or really, fast-moving-goodtimes. Because you can measure a field with an electronic d'vise, but you can't measure goodtimes- you can only feel them. The e-u-ah good times can move very fast or very slow, most go right thru us. For example, Carl Sagan has written about the super slow good times of suns. The hole in the elequamequa hua is that if you take it too seriously, you're a square thinker.

The Central Pit
is 0 volts, also called ground. It is safe for any sandrode to be stuck here, that is why ice-stabs don’t hurt. It not only pulls positive potentials down, it pulls negative potentials up, and many other dimesnes too. You need to always connect grounds somehow, using the s’sudio out jacks.