by ciat-lonbarde

the newest and final segment in the "COCO" series



Cocoquantus fast facts:
  • it comes from a series of 8 bit digital delays, starting with the ambrazier, srine, and tranoe, then the cocolase, and most recently the cocostuber.   all had two inputs and two outputs, for two separate digital delays (stereo)
  • the digital delay being made from discrete silicon chips, it is "2012 ready:" with no flash memory 2 B erased by solar flares.  as a discrete device it also offers unique possibilities for clock modulation of your samples. 
  • it incorporates something from each of the previous COCO incarnations, but also stands on its own as a new synthesizer.
  • materials include: Walnut, Sassafras, Juniper, Cherry, circuit board, transistors, capacitors, and resistors.  It is RoHS compliant.
  • the face of the instrument is an esoteric, Washington DC, spell, consisting of two obelisks and one pentagon in the middle.
  • inside each obelisk is a little "counting computer" that samples your inputs and "loops" them.
  • your inputs for each obelisk (COCO digital delay) can be a piezo via high impedance piezo input, microphone via XLR, or a low impedance synth input.
  • speaking of synth input, it is designed to go very well with the stereo gesture output of the Sidrazzi organ.
  • the COCO devices on this version are the most fully tricked out ever.  they include a standardized "dolby" filter to reduce silence-noise, which also can have a side effect of punching silence into that which is looped.  alongside the dolby filter are verso and inverso VCA inputs for both input and feedback.  speed knob, node (control of clock frequency), and affect knob, that allows you to dial how drastic or subtle to modulate.  "iron cross" output node, that is a sort of "universal" frequency readout of the actual digital circuitry itself.  flip and skip inputs, as always.  sample switch enables the device to loop any sample FOREVER as long as power is continuous.
  • the QUANTUSSY in the middle, a pentagon design of oscillators, can demonstrate serious chaos, at low frequencies as well as audio rate... thus it is specially designed to give many options for modulating the COCO.

The CocoQuantus is a device by Ciat-Lonbarde composed of two Coco modules (8 bit digital delays) and a central "Quantussy" analog brain (nabra).

 The Quantussy is a five (5) petaled flower, each petal with oscirator, that creates a rhythm, that triggers quantizations of the movements of the other four oscirators.  The Quantussy is thus both based on five (5), but four(4)... and its name also refers to Quantum Physics through its unique "double quantizing" of angular momentum.  

 Running at low frequencies, the Quantussy is intended to provide ample modulations for the various functions of the COCOs, through inputs "FLIP", "SKIP", and "SP.AF", or "Speed Affect".  The Quantussy petals can also run at audio frequencies, as well as "Balcium" frequencies, depending on a toggle switch.

 The center of the Quantussy merits some attention.  There is a central indicator-lozenge of 15 Light Emitting Diodes, showing the "Spesal State" of the device.  The Spesal State is controlled by touching the "Cercel Nodes", thus preserving Ciat-Lonbarde's motto of "touch-sensitive is best!".

 To preserve this precious jewel of silicon encased in finest woods, use patch cords to wire it up in its own self-reconfiguring spasms.

 These vibrations, spasms, activities, all manifest in unique transpositions and flip-skips in your material, which is input via Mike, Synthin, or special High Impedance Piezoin.  The COCO modules here have a generalized version of the DOLBY cargo-cult preamp, which includes a self-expander, and an other-puncher for maximum POP SENSATION MUSIC>

 You see, on each COCO, there is a knob for INPUT as well as FEEDBA...  These are the primary functions of the COCO, to take in sound and recirculate it through *8BIT* digital memory.  These two functions INPUT and FEEDBA, depending on a toggle switch, can punch the others out to create monophonic articulations of time-layers in your material.

 Ultimately this is about your material.  Singing is quite appropriate to the custom preamps, as well as dry, woody, or reedy piezo sounds.  The Synthin is optimized for Sidrazzi input, and compensated to allow the ultrasound frequencies to go straight into the heart of the delay, there creating difference tones and thus revealing the heterodyne bat-ghosts lurking there.  The COCOQUANTUS is a TUBE through which YOU SQUEEZE your JELLY_ASS, meaning the sonic material you give it.



Designs for a Cocoquantus T-Shirt, Robe, or Tapestry.  2 B Screenprinted:



the following grid is a collection of sound samples, the usual kind of "benchmarks" used to test the device; how it works with microphone, piezo, and synthesizer input, how it works with ultrasound, do the dolby preamps work, all the functions of the analog brain are running, etc.  Mouse over the following blue squares to hear the album "benchmarks" performed exclusively on Cocoquantus, plus Sidrazzi input and also microphones and piezos:

a zip of this full album:

Peter B @ NYEAF 2009,
inputting Tetrazzi, longhair
thx Joker Niew click for Hi-Res